Global site-wide guidelines

These rules apply to every site that I operate. Site specific rules will be defined in their own sections.

Moderators are expected to strive to maintain a free speech environment where people an express unpopular opinions, although blatant bigotry and bad faith arguments made with a closed mind are not allowed.

The first line of defense is the block button rather then moderator action.

I'm a Republican voting progressive who used to identify with "wokeness." You can express unpopular opinions, just don't shit the rug.

User conduct

  • Do not bully people. Occasional light trolling where everyone involved has fun is acceptable. Don't be a douche. If you wouldn't want it done to you, then don't do it to anyone else.
  • Don't post or share anything that could reasonably violate US laws.
  • Don't stir the pot.
  • Do not engage in or promote brigades within or outside the site.
  • Don't spam the site. This includes repetitive memes or shitposts. It also includes traditional link spam. There isn't any strict rule, rate limit or ratio for how often you can self promote, but discretion is advised. You should be a participant who has something to share, not someone who showed up to self promote.
  • No pornographic content or paraphilic material. I'm pretty open minded so just don't be a creep.
  • Screenshots must have all identifying material redacted. It's recommended to remove clues that show where it was posted, especially if the content was posted recently.
  • Being a creep can result in going straight to permanent ban with no discussion or appeal. I'm aware that's a very general term, but non creeps aren't likely to get caught up in being creeps.
  • Intentionally trying to bypass content filters. This includes misspellings or letter censoring. Rewording to change what is said is probably ok.

Bans and action taken for off-instance fediverse behavior

It's very unlikely that users on fediverse or other decentralized platforms are going to be banned for conduct on other instances. Depending on how egregious it is, it's a possibility.

Users registered on one of our instances will be expected to behave on other instances.

Disciplinary actions

The following steps will generally be taken in the event of rule violations:

  1. Limiting posts, where applicable
  2. Silently removing posts
  3. Removing posts and informing the user of the violation
  4. Removing posts and giving clear warnings
  5. Removing posts and short term bans
  6. Removing posts and long term bans
  7. Permanent ban

These steps may be skipped for people acting in bad faith deliberately or to protect the safety of the community.

Where possible, moderators are expected to avoid issuing bans. Bans should only be issued for the protection of the community, especially after a pattern of behavior.

Dangerous misinformation

Instructing people to do dangerous or harmful actions is forbidden.

Spreading false information that could lead to drastic action being is prohibited.

Medical misinformation policy

Moderators are not medical professionals and we will take a hands off approach to discussion of medical issues. Visitors are expected to be intelligent and receive proper medical advice before making any decisions. We will intervene in cases where there is severe danger, especially when clear instructions are being given.

Users are permitted to share remedies that have worked for them. They are discouraged from making any explicit statements about their efficacy or from encouraging other people to use the same method. We will only remove posts in cases of severe danger.

Covid 19 policy

We do not follow Big Tech's repression policies. That also doesn't mean that there aren't any rules.

Recommendation of any treatment methods is prohibited, including treatments and vaccines that are officially approved.

Any posts endorsing baseless conspiracy theories such as 5G microchips will be removed. Action will be taken against repeat offenders.

Federated instances that don't moderate cases of misinformation will be dealt with on a case by case basis. They will probably not be restricted unless there is a very serious problem.

Debatable issue policy

Users are permitted to share opinions that are unpopular or politically incorrect, provided that there is an actual debatable basis and they are not advancing bigotry with a closed mind.

Expressing personal religious objections is not considered hateful as long as it isn't done with the intent of attacking anyone. The moment it devolves into comparing homosexuality to pedophilia or speculation about the mental state of transgender people, expect moderators to take action.

Talking points considered "racist" are generally no longer considered debatable.

Keep in mind that what constitutes a debatable issue is heavily connected to cultural advancement and social norms. There is much less tolerance for anything that can be legitimately construed as racist because that debate happened long ago.


It's ok to point out problems that exist within a group, it's not ok to attribute any problems specifically to race.



Fatherlessness contributes to black criminality.


Black people are criminals because they have low intelligence.

Trans issues

The key point is to be able to state an opinion without being inflammatory or intentionally trying to attack anyone.


Trans people should use the bathroom for their biological sex

It's not possible for a man to become a woman


Trans people are grooming children

Trans women are mentally ill men



Women have the right to access abortion


Opponents of abortion want to control women

Topic based policies

Israel and Palestine

  • No antisemitism
  • No defending segregation, collateral damage or atrocities committed by Israel
  • Do not defend acts of terrorism committed by Palestinians
  • Comparing Israel to Nazis or insinuating a connection in any way will lead to an automatic six month ban